Saturday, 21 July 2012

Problems of lack of co-operation

A few examples have come to my attention recently:

1) Another car journey sharing venture, gocarshare, to compete with Liftshare and the other very similar offerings.

2) Google's beta test of its cycle route directions on its maps, despite parallel offerings from, TfL and others,

3) Qype. I downloaded the Androis app as it had been avourably reviewed in the Webscape segment of BBC TV's Click. One of the first things I found was a reference to a pub that closed ages ago. I entered a 'review' saying this - I could see no other more appropriate facility. There are so many websites / apps holding data about businesses that to tell them all would be a lifetime's work. In Qype, we have an app that cpould be extremely useful, but it can only ever be as useful as the data it is working on and my first experience has put me off.

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