Friday, 15 June 2012

A job to die for

I saw a documentary featuring people whose livelihood depended on felling trees in a rain-forest and (I think) on farming the cleared land .

But removing the rain-forest  unsustainability is threatening the very existence of the human race and other species.Thus the job myth sets up competition between the tree fellers/farmers and the rest of the human race.

This is an absolute classic case of liquidating natural capital and calling it income. It would make more sense to pay these people not to destroy the rain-forest, or to ascribe a financial value to the biological service it delivers. But no, we carry on. Profit and competition are our deities and we must sacrifice our planet and our lives to them.


  1. colin, do you have a facebook profile or a group so i can stay in contact with a fellow rbe promoter? thank you for your time.

  2. I just 'like' the pages or join the groups on FB for RBE / TVP / TZM. From there info about other groups emerges. I don't have my own group.