Thursday, 8 March 2012

Smoking and unhealthy food are good for the economy

Text of a letter I sent to London's Metro free newspaper:

"Fat and Fags

It’s not just the tax that smokers pay that’s paradoxical, Beth (London), METROtalk, 8 March. Smoking creates wok for those who make, advertise and sell smoking and stop-smoking products, for the lobbyists - both pro and anti, therapists and advisers to help people give up, and medical staff to treat those made ill by smoking. Unhealthy food has similar contradictions, plus, topically, McDonald’s at the Olympics (page 30). If ‘fat and fags’ mean more jobs and tax paid, are they good things? Until we accept as a society that only jobs that are socially constructive should be done, we will have this problem."

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