Sunday, 12 February 2012


I have time for any world view that has the aim of ensuring that all humans' needs are met. If that is in itself socialism, then so be it. Or is a socialism just one way of trying to achieve this, alongside the free market economy? If the free market economy is not trying to reach this end, then it's pretty scary. Whose needs is it trying to meet, and am I included? Has it replaced / displaced this aim with theistic belief in competition in and of itself?

If your world view does not take into account the fact that the planet's resources are finite, then it is a pointless world view and you should change it. How you respond to the reality of finite resources, and with what aims, is another matter.

Our current system doesn't seek to make the most of finite planetary resources, it seeks to make the most money, regardless of actual resources. It heightens the need for competition that it postulates by not conserving the resources being competed for. It is as if those who can successfully compete want to have access to or control of a greater proportion of the total resources, even if that means reducing the total yield thereof. That's weird to  me; if they wanted to increase the yield of resources they would get more without having a bigger proportion, and they could still try to get a bigger proportion.

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