Friday, 17 June 2011

Political ping pong

Ed Balls says we should reduce VAT to stimulate the economy. This means the government will take in less tax per purchase,  but as the price at the till will be lower, the idea is that the increase in purchases will compensate for, and presumably overtake that shortfall.

The government of course says no. That's what they do. One side says 'tinker like this' and the other side steps up and points out the disadvantages. It's all nonsense.

Step away and up from this political ping pong. The more stuff we buy the sooner we'll run out. Don't pretend we can't run out. We are running towards a precipice and all we can think of is going faster. Face up now to the reality that we havn't got an unending anount of stuff, so therefore we have to be wise stewards. Creating jobs on the basis of nore consumption not only consumes stuff, but people's lives, as they spend their time trying to get you to consume more  so that they can consume more.

Change the record. Consue less, work less, become more efiicient, conserve and share what we've got.

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