Saturday, 16 April 2011

Ubuntu crashes PC big time

I wish to relate my dreadful experience of Ubuntu. I downloaded the 64 bit AMD version and put it onto a CD. I ran the CD, and chose the option to install the system alongside another OS (I have a 1TB hdd partitioned into two equal parts.) The installer installed Ubuntu over my whole HDD and destroyed my Windows 7 installation, and all my data. Today I have been out and bought a  new HDD for a clean install of Windows, and all day the PC has been running a utility to recover the Windows data. I don't know yer how successful that will be.There was no going back with the installer, no warning. This has been one of the worst weekends of my life. If you have any contacts in the world of Ubuntu, I would be grateful if you could tell them this and also warn people that you are recommend the package to.

I regret having to say this, as I appreciate open source and free software, but this is very bad.

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